19 August, 2018, Unceded Coast Salish Territories (Vancouver, BC): Several Protectors were released from a one-week jail sentence several days early today, including Order of Canada recipient Jean Swanson, former BC Teachers’ Federation president Susan Lambert, Charlotte Gyoba, Heather Martin McNab, and Kathleen Flaherty.

The Protectors were taken into custody on Wednesday, August 15.

“We were imprisoned because we are opposed to the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion, which poses such a terrible threat to our planet.

Yes, prison conditions are harsh, but we are political prisoners. We are not criminals. We violated the injunction because we are so terribly aware that emissions from fossil fuels are destroying our climate, our planet, and our children’s future.

We have tried to stop this reckless consumption of fossil fuels by demonstrating, making submissions to the NEB, electing governments on all levels which pledged to halt the Kinder Morgan expansion, to no avail.

The injunction rendered protests meaningless, as protestors were barred from having any effect on Kinder Morgan’s expansion plans.

A civil democracy must guarantee the right to meaningful civil and political protest.

We have served this prison term because we believe urgent protection is required to avert the imminent crisis of climate change. We will not stop – we are undeterred.”


Kathleen Flaherty

Charlotte Gyoba

Heather Martin McNab

Susan Lambert

Jean Swanson