August 23, 2018, Coast Salish territory (Vancouver, BC) Hours after Vancouver Centre Liberal MP Hedy Fry cancelled a $500 a plate fundraiser hosting Finance Minister Bill Morneau, a large group of pipeline opponents rallied outside a different Liberal fundraiser downtown.

Staff at Hedy Fry’s office told Protect The Inlet spokesperson Sarah Beuhler that “protesters” were to blame for the cancelled fundraiser.

“It’s unconscionable that Trudeau’s Liberals would give public money to a foreign oil company, then try to fundraise in a province suffocating on wildfire smoke made worse by climate change,” said Protect The Inlet spokesperson Sarah Beuhler.

Pipeline opponents discovered the Liberal fundraiser late Thursday afternoon, and tracked them to the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel where around 50 entered the hotel, chanting and singing. The event was for “Laurier Club” donors, who give the maximum donation for the year.

Protect the Inlet’s Week of Action against the Kinder Morgan buyout continues tomorrow morning at Westridge oil tanker terminal construction site in Burnaby, and concludes with a bold action and witness rally at the Watch House on Burnaby Mountain Saturday.