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VIDEO: Indigenous Resistance Camp Fights Heavy Oil Pipeline

For the past six months, people from all over have come to Vancouver to take part in the front lines against Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline. As Justin Trudeau prepares to spend billions of taxpayer dollars to buy this pipeline and tanker project, he’ll meet a wall of resistance.

Doctors Stopping Pipelines: Five Arrests at Kinder Morgan Tanker Terminal Construction Site

“I’m here because I think this project represents an enormous public health risk, to the air and to the water, both locally and globally,” said Dr. Peter Paré, Professor Emeritus of Respiratory Medicine, UBC, St. Paul’s Hospital, who was arrested March 24. “We’re sitting here in the smoke, we can hardly see the sun and it’s the worst forest fire season in history, and that is indirectly related to taking fossil fuels out of the ground and burning it. So I felt like I had no choice but to be here, to tell that story.”

Protectors Undeterred After Jail Sentence

Several Protectors were released from a one-week jail sentence several days early, including Order of Canada recipient Jean Swanson, former BC Teachers’ Federation president Susan Lambert, Charlotte Gyoba, Heather Martin McNab, and Kathleen Flaherty.

Watch: “Sinister Senior” Jean Swanson

Watch Order of Canada recipient, Jean Swanson, explain why she’s risking jail time to stop Justin Trudeau and Kinder Morgan’s diluted bitumen pipeline and tanker project.

Under Smoky Skies: Jail Time for Retired Lawyer Stopping a Pipeline

Why is a retired lawyer from British Columbia Attorney General’s Office serving seven days in jail for blocking construction at Kinder Morgan’s oil tanker terminal construction site? Watch now – Ruth Campbell was arrested August 1, 2018 on Burnaby Mountain.

Youth arrested at Kinder Morgan oil tanker terminal construction site

“This is unceded Tsleil Waututh, Musqueam, and Squamish territory, but this pipeline itself goes across so many Nations’ unceded and treaty territory,” said Tawahum. “We have to stand up for those rights, especially if we’re not from here and reaping the benefits of being uninvited guests, we have to make sure that they have their rights intact.”

A Message from Laurie Embree

Laurie Embree was sentenced to 7 days in jail for blocking the gates to stop construction at Kinder Morgan’s oil tanker terminal, the first Protector to risk jail time. She was released Saturday August 4.