Two Greenpeace Canada activists have occupied one of the most important pieces of equipment Kinder Morgan needs to build its new tar sands pipeline, and they are calling on people across the world to stop it from fulfilling its destructive purpose: drilling a path through unceded Indigenous lands on Burnaby Mountain.

Just before dawn, the two women climbed atop Kinder Morgan’s Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) — which they’ve dubbed a “monster drill.” They have dropped a banner reading “Protect Water, Stop Pipelines” and are signalling the arrival of the monster drill with a giant flag reading “Here’s the Drill: Stop KM.”

Greenpeace Canada tracked the monster drill all the way from Germany on a cross-continental journey to a holding facility in the Vancouver suburb of Delta, where the ongoing action is taking place. Without this piece of equipment, there can be no pipeline expansion, making it a sure flashpoint for the growing resistance against oil pipelines.

Greenpeace Canada is calling on Prime Minister Trudeau to abandon his consideration of a pipeline bailout following an ultimatum from Kinder Morgan, which — in the latest example of its bullying tactics — has threatened to cancel the project if the federal government doesn’t quash B.C.’s opposition to the project by May 31st. With less than a month to go before this deadline, it’s time for Trudeau to get on the right side of history.