Kinder Morgan’s Burnaby Mountain construction site was blocked by pipeline protesters again today, as people set out from the Watch House and brought food for a feast in front of the gates.

Will George, Watch House guardian and project leader, said, “Sixty years ago the first pipeline was done without our consent. At the time we couldn’t vote or hire lawyers. Today is a different day. Whatever is said in Ottawa this week without us, they should all know that we will be here until this pipeline is cancelled.”

“A feast is a sacred ceremony. It is our sovereign right to practice ceremony on this land,” said Ronnie Dean Harris aka Ostwelve, a Stō:lo/St’át’imc/Nlaka’pamux multimedia artist.

Indigenous leaders came from as far away as the Haida and Athabasca Chipewyan Nations.

Brandon Gosnell from the Haida Nation said, “I came here today because in 1985 my family clan was protesting on clear cutting on Lyle Island. Same situation as here, and we stopped the logging. We can stop Kinder Morgan too. My great great grandparents were doing what I am doing today. We won. We got our land back. We can stop Kinder Morgan too.”

Rose Deranger Desjarlais, from Athabasca Chipewyan Nation in northern Alberta said, “We must stop this pipeline. It’s enough already. We have to stop the expansion of the tar sands. It is poisoning my people. It has poisoned me. Now like many of my family I have cancer in my body. We can no longer eat our fish. Our waters are poisoned. Thank you for being here.”

Today’s action is part of ongoing Indigenous-led resistance to the Kinder Morgan tar sands project. About 200 people have been arrested in the past month for protesting the pipeline.